UTI or STI? How can I tell?

What's Inside ?

The common symptoms between UTI and STI mislead people to assume that they have a UTI when they have contracted an STI. This leads to women being prescribed unnecessary UTI treatment. STIs are treatable in initial stages, but if left untreated can result in a complicated treatment process and affect multiple organs.

Symptoms that may confuse a person between an STI and a UTI:

  •         Pain/burning sensation while urinating
  •         Increase in frequency of urination
  •         Smelly urine
  •         Dark coloured urine
  •         Unusual discharge

Symptoms commonly associated with STIs and NOT UTIs :

  •       Vaginal rash
  •       Pain during sexual intercourse
  •       Bleeding between periods
  •       Fever
  •       Nausea
  •       Swelling of joints

Symptoms commonly associated with UTIs and NOT STIs :

  •       Burning sensation while urinating
  •       Frequent urination
  •       Cloudy  urine
  •       Pain in the lower abdomen 

Since the mode of transmission for STI and UTI is different, this can also act as a clue to differentiate them.

If you have any symptoms associated with either STI or UTI, it is recommended that you consult a doctor to get yourself diagnosed and treated.