Myths about STIs

What's Inside ?

Only unhygienic people get STIs

  • Anyone can contract an STI. The only ones who are not at the risk of getting an STI are the people who abstain from sex. Any person who gets involved in any form of sexual activity is at the risk of getting exposed to an STI. The only way to protect yourself is by practising safe sex practices

I can immediately identify if I contract an STI

  • All STIs are not symptomatic. You might have an STI for weeks or months before an outbreak or a symptom. Untreated STIs can lead to serious health issues like infertility.

Birth control pills will protect me from STIs

  • The birth control pill is an effective method of birth control. It does not provide protection from STIs. Condoms should be used to protect yourself from STI irrespective of the birth control mechanism you prefer. 

There is no chance of STI recurrence

  • Most of the STIs can be cured with a proper dosage of medication. But you may get reinfected when you involve in sexual activity with a partner who has them. The only way to protect yourself is by using protection such as inside condoms, outside condoms, dental dams and getting tested regularly.

Lesbians don’t get STIs

  • Any person involved in sexual activity is at the risk of STI irrespective of the gender or genitals. Safe sex practices such as usage of gloves or finger condoms while fingering, fisting and dental dams during oral sex protect from contracting an STI.