Sexual Orientation - It's not a choice.

Sexual orientation refers to the attraction an individual feels against members of a particular sex. Sexual orientation is determined by factors that are outside of a person’s psychological control, i.e. it is not a choice. This can be hugely discomforting for those who do not experience the traditional attraction to members of the opposite sex.

You are not alone.

 It is important to build a web of support around yourself while you navigate your sexual identity. This could include close friends and family, helpful support groups or even reliable online forums.

Broadly, the main kinds of sexual orientation include:

  1. Heterosexual: Attraction to members of the opposite sex.
  2. Homosexual: Attraction to members of the same sex.
  3. Bisexual: Attraction to members of both sexes.
  4. Asexual: Lack of interest in physical sex, however such persons may still crave emotional intimacy.

Many more nuanced definitions and terms exist to more fully term what you may be experiencing.

Building empathy.


Understand the various forms of sexual orientation and read accounts of people’s experiences. By broadening your world view, you show that you care.


If someone you know is struggling to discover their sexual identity, show your support by lending a ear or a shoulder to cry on. The easiest way to show your support is to simply listen.


 Showing support for the pride movement and increasing awareness within your friends and family goes a long way towards building a more inclusive society.

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