About sex and relationships

Through this page, we hope to equip you with some key questions you should always ask yourself. What you should know before having sex, what consent and healthy relationships look like, how to engage in safe sex, and how to guard against STIs and UTIs.

The decision to have sex.

Having sex is a big decision, you should only have sex when you feel comfortable. Ask yourself a few basic questions:

  1. Do you really want to have sex, or are you feeling pressured into it?
  2. How do you feel about the person with whom you want to have sex? How much do you know about them or their sexual history?
  3. Will your feelings or moods change after you have sex?
  4. Do you know how to practice safe sex? 

Safe sex.

Using protection

Condoms are the easiest way to plan against an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It is important to remember that no method of birth control (including condoms) is 100% effective. If you are concerned about unwanted pregnancies, the only guaranteed approach is abstinence.

Maintaining good hygiene

You can maintain good sexual hygiene by washing your genital areas and any sex toys regularly. After sex, it is recommended to urinate as this clears the urinary tract from possible infections. Discuss any abnormal smells or odours with your partner as these coud indicate infections.

Healthy relationships and consent.

 One good rule of thumb regarding consent is “if it isn’t a hearty YES, treat it as a NO”. A healthy relationship is one where you do not feel pressurised or obligated to perform sexual activities. If your partner is not respecting your concerns or is making you uncomfortable, it might be time to evaluate the relationship.

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