Sex Education

Empowered conversations make more informed decisions. At Proactive, we believe that the importance of sex education is an often overlooked. Even when provided, there is discomfort in encouraging open discussions and answering questions.

Every phase is important.

It’s never too late to learn what you might have missed out on, or to understand better ways of teaching your children and students.

For learners

For parents

For educators

Your sexual health matters.

About sex and relationships

What you should know before having sex, how to engage in safe sex, and all the trouble with STIs and UTIs. Not only that, we explain how to have healthy relationships and the rules of consent.

About pregnancy

 The birds and the bees. Your guide to taking precautions against getting pregnant, and your options for the morning after. Conversely, if you’re pregnant and want to understand how to have safe sex, this is the place for you.

Sexual orientation - It's not a choice.

 LGBTQ+ support groups and communities are here to stay, and we’re glad. If you or someone you know is experiencing distressing emotions and is confused about the changes they are experiencing, you’re not alone. We offer you the resources to better understand and empathize.

Q/A Forum: No question too small.

We are building an online forum for you to freely ask questions to certified experts in various fields and get your queries resolved.

You can head over to the forum to post your questions to experts or view answers to questions we have already received.

Other related areas.

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