Emotional wellness and PCOS

People with PCOS are about 3 times more likely to experience depression and anxiety than people without PCOS.

Medications and other therapies may be helpful for improving symptoms of depression and anxiety and we are here to educate and support you at each step you take towards a happier you.

Physical Symptoms of PCOS

How is PCOS related to mental health?

  • PCOS may have significant impacts on quality of life and may be associated with a higher risk of mood disorders.


  • Physical symptoms of PCOS, including excess hair growth, hair loss, acne, weight changes and fertility problems, can negatively affect mood, self-confidence and body image. 


  • The longer it takes for a woman to receive a diagnosis of PCOS, the more likely she is to be depressed or anxious.


  • Hormonal Imbalances that cause PCOS may also affect mental health adversely.

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PCOS is a growing cause of concern in women these days and is commonly associated with occurrence of negative thoughts about oneself.
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