Hair and skin:
A tale as old as time

Hair and skin play an important role in your self-perception with healthy hair and clear skin being long coveted attributes. Unfortunately, skin and hair issues in women are not only mentally taxing but could also be indicative of many serious underlying issues. Adult onset acne, hirsutism, and hair loss, are some of the common burdens many women find themselves living with.

What can we help you with?


Understand the types of acne in specific zones on your face and what causes them.


Excessive growth of hair can be a symptom of underlying health issues

Hair Loss

Understand the different patterns of hair loss and what can be done 


Know the possible causes of excess androgen production in the body.

Explore treatment options that work for you.

Remedy finder

Acne, hirsutism, and hair-fall, are three major causes of concern. Remedies range from topical (ointments and medical lotions), oral (antibiotics and tablets), dietary supplements, cosmetic creams, procedures (hair removal) and many more. Our tool lets you explore and select a method of treatment that works for you.

Order a test kit at home.

Hair and skin issues could be a sign of many underlying causes. These include PCOS, cushing disease, hypothyroidism, hyperplasia, and many more. A hormone test can help you identify if any hormonal imbalances are affecting your overall health.

You can’t always tell if lifestyle factors such as a recent increase in stress levels or change in diet is at the heart of hair and skin concerns. With early testing you can access treatment before complications occur.

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