I have been trying for a baby.

If you having been trying to have a baby for some time, you might be wondering if it will ever happen, and how. You are not alone in thinking this. 

Know the facts.

About 1 in 6 couples experience fertility problems.

If you are under the age of 35 and have been trying to conceive for the past year, or i
f you are over 35 years of age and trying for the past 6 months, please reach out to your doctor to discuss it. 

Fertility problems could be caused by either the woman’s reproductive system or the man’s reproductive system. About 40-50% of cases are due to female factors and about 30-40% cases are due to male factors. Sometimes it could be due to both partners as well. And at times, there could be no apparent cause for it, also called unexplained fertility. 

Don't hesitate to ask for help.

It is perfectly okay to approach a fertility doctor to help you if you are having difficulty in conceiving. You doctor will guide you to get some tests done to assess the reason behind not being able to conceive.

Depending on your results, you could be directed to a fertility specialist that could help you deep dive into the cause of the problem. Your doctor could suggest assistive reproductive treatments (ARTs) based on the cause of infertility.

What else can I do?

At Proactive, we are committed to letting you take the reins of your reproductive health. We understand that there are various factors impacting your fertility.
 Using our tools and services, you can monitor your fertility hormones, keep the factors affecting your fertility in check and know how to structure your fertility on your terms. 

Check on your hormones and fertility profile using our easy, at-home fertility test. It gives a unique, tailored-fit for your report, which will help you keep track of your fertility profile and manage your timeline of starting a family.

Useful Tools

Ovulation Tracker

What is the best time for you to get pregnant? Try our ovulation tracker to keep a track of your cycle and your fertility window.

Conception Checklist

Try our conception checklist tool to see how you are doing on the different factors affecting your fertility.

Fertility Timeline

Use our fertility timeline tool to keep a track of when and how many children you want to have, and help you plan your pregnancy journey.

Factors that affect fertility


While planning a baby, know what time would be the best for conception.


Age is the most influential factor on your fertility and chances of having a baby.


A healthy weight (BMI) increases your chances of getting pregnant.


A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on your fertility.


Timely treatment of certain health conditions could help your fertility profile

Discussion forum

We are building an online forum for women like you to freely ask questions to certified experts in various fields and get your queries resolved.

You can head over to the forum to post your questions to experts or view answers to questions we received.

Did you know?

In a study conducted by AIIIMS Delhi in 2018, only 26% of the participants were aware of the critical age threshold after which it becomes difficult to get pregnant. Test your knowledge now!!