Dr. Taru Jindal

8 years of experience
Gynaecologist & Lactation Consultant

IBCLC (International Board certified Lactation Consultant), USA

30 mins – Rs. 500

Profile Summary

I am a Gynaecologist & Lactation Consultant, based out of Mumbai. After receiving training in Breastfeeding Skills from WABA(World Alliance For Breastfeeding Action) at Malaysia in 2017, I cleared IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) degree , USA  & started my practice as a Lactation Consultant, which has been mainly through online platforms. Since 2015, I have trained more than 2500 health professionals, health workers & mothers in Breastfeeding skills. I also work extensively to create awareness about Breastfeeding. 

Professional Experience

Trainer in Breastfeeding Skills—

I have taken 35 Workshops on Breastfeeding Skills (1-4 days) for Doctors, Nurses, Community Health workers, Medical students & Mothers from 12 districts of Maharashtra, Bihar, Chattisgarh, UP, Pondicherry covering
> 2500 health professionals & mothers
Individual levelOct 2015  – Present

Lactation Practice—

I have managed Indian mothers from different states of India & abroad with various lactation issues

Individual level 2017- Present

Advocacy & awareness work

1) I have a Mother Support Group on Whatsapp “Breastfeeding Matters” which has provided long term support to >400 breastfeeding mothers


2)  I have a Mother support group on Whatsapp “Mama’s Dudu”— for training &preparing pregnant mothers in Breastfeeding skills

3) “LACTATION MATTERS” is my Facebook page in which I have answered basic questions of a Breastfeeding mother & converted scientific information into simple language for parents/ health workers

Individual level 2017- Present
Manages Support Group for women suffering with Vaginismus,which has led to healing of many women.
Individual levelPresent


IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE), USADec 2017
Breastfeeding Advocacy & Practice(BAP) Course, Penang, MalaysiaGot WABA(World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action) Fellowship to train under the world’s best Breastfeeding experts—Sandra Lang & Felicity SavageMarch 2017
MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)Lokmanya Tilak Medical College & Sion Hospital, Mumbai2013

Patient Testimonials


Introduction to breastfeeding.

Dr. Taru Jindal

Breastfeeding in first hour after birth.

Dr. Taru Jindal

How does a C-section affect breastfeeding?

Dr. Taru Jindal

How to check the quality of breastmilk?

Dr. Taru Jindal

Cluster feeding: how to feed fuzzy babies?

Dr. Taru Jindal

Getting a good latch during breastfeeding.

Dr. Taru Jindal

Insufficient breastmilk - what to do next?

Dr. Taru Jindal

How can one best store breastmilk?

Dr. Taru Jindal

Breastfeeding - what do soft breasts signify?

Dr. Taru Jindal

Breastfeeding - what is non-nutritive sucking?

Dr. Taru Jindal


Received “Young Achiever” award from Mumbai Breastfeeding Promotion Committee for “Outstanding Contribution to Protect, Promote & Support Breastfeeding”

4th August, 2020
Authored a Book on my work with women & children in Bihar, published in 2 languages–“A Doctor’s Experiments in Bihar”(English) & “Haan Yeh Mumkin Hai!”(Marathi)2020
Received “Karmaveer Chakra” award for outstanding work in the field of HealthcareNov 2019
Received “The Most inspiring woman of the year—for work in the field of health care”April 2019
Invited as ‘Youth Leader’ from India amongst 10 other Youth Leaders from other parts of the world in the 25th year conference of WABA Oct 2016


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