Sexually Transmitted Infections

It is estimated that over 6% of the adult population in India suffers from STIs. Treatment protocol and patient counselling for STIs varies significantly across physicians and with the comfort levels of a patient. STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea may cause infertility, HPV may cause cervical cancer and syphilis may cause heart, brain or kidney damage.

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Our patient education tool will help you understand the interplay between the symptoms you experience, lifestyle factors, and STIs you may be at risk for.

Order a test kit at home.

Testing yourself for sexually transmitted infections offers priceless peace of mind. It should be routine self-care. With our STI Home Test Kits, you can get a status check on common STIs conveniently and confidentially.

You can’t always tell if you have contracted an STI. Many STIs are asymptomatic, with mild or no symptoms. With early testing you can access treatment before complications occur or other people become infected.

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Excuse me, world. Can I have sex, please?

“The myths about the hymen have lived on for centuries for their cultural significance. They have been used as a powerful tool in the effort to control women’s sexuality in about every culture, religion, and historical decade,” explain Nina Dølvik Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl in their Ted Talk, “The Virginity Fraud.” The agency of a woman’s sexuality is handed down from father to husband in a setup where abstinence from sexual activity before marriage is a measure of a woman’s morality and “goodness.” 

Access to 'essential' sexual and reproductive health services during the pandemic.

It’s been more than a month that the entire country has been put under lockdown and it is difficult to anticipate at present for how long the situation will sustain. Amid all the crises, India is putting their best of efforts but yet again, the tribulations of COVID-19 have affected women the most.