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Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods symptoms checker

Understand the underlying causes of your irregular periods based on your symptoms to focus on the right treatment.


Ovulation Tracker

What is the best time for you to get pregnant? Try our ovulation tracker to keep a track of your cycle and your fertility window.

Conception checklist

Try our conception checklist tool to see how you are doing on the different factors affecting your fertility.

Fertility Timeline

Use our fertility timeline tool to keep a track of when and how many children you want to have, and help you plan your pregnancy journey.

Birth Control

Birth Control Finder

Figure out the best birth control mechanism suitable for your needs among all the options out there.

Mental Health

Postpartum Depression Check

Confused whether you could be suffering from postpartum depression and if you should take professional advice? Try this tool to find out.

Mental Health Check

Take our brief assessment today for a deeper insight into your emotional health and then decide if you would want to speak to a professional.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Check​

If you suffer from emotional up-downs before your periods, try this tool to find out if you possibly suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and should consult an expert.


STI Risk & Symptom Checker

Explore the symptoms, lifestyle factors, and overall risk levels for various STIs.

Hair and skin

Remedy Finder

Explore treatment options for acne, hirsutism, and hair-loss sorted by preference - topical, oral, home remedies, and more.

Weight Gain

Calorie deficit Calculator

Know the amount of calories required daily to maintain your current weight or lose weight

Weight gain assessment

Take a Free Preliminary weight gain assessment to understand the causes of your weight gain and it’s associated risks.