We'd like to change the stigma around birth control.

We believe all women should have easy and well-informed access to birth control. Now you can explore and purchase options from the comfort and privacy of your home - including speaking to a non-judgemental doctor.

How does it work?

Record Medical History

Answer a few health questions on our online intake form and ensure that most of your consultation call is spent on issues you want to talk about.

Schedule an appointment

Interact with tools to rank your preferences around factors like ease of use or efficiency. These tools are fun to play with and developed by the country’s top gynecologists.

Every question answered

We’re on call to get you the support you need to make informed decisions about birth control. Get questions answered 1:1 with a gynac respectful of your choices.

Birth control, prescribed by a physician

Choosing birth control is highly personal. Accounting for your preferences, life-stage and medical conditions, our healthcare providers can help you find the one that works for you. The time it takes to go to your gyno in person and the fear of judgement can now be a distant memory.

Birth control finder

Interact with tools to rank your preferences around factors like ease of use or efficiency. Figure out the best birth control mechanism suitable for your needs among all the options out there.

Why are we offering this ?​

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At Proactive, we believe getting birth control should be simple, easy, and affordable. It’s more than preventing unplanned pregnancy — it’s about freedom.

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We know that seeing a doctor often isn't easy — on your schedule, wallet, or peace of mind. We make it easy to get medication quickly, discreetly, and affordably.

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Sorting through all the different birth control options out there can be tough. Before you make your choice, make sure you’re up to speed on the many forms available and how they work.

Explore more, before speaking to our physician.

Want to keep researching?

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